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The Whanau Show website is proudly sponsored by Alex Walker. I am proud to help The Whanau Show in reaching out to all whanau around the world. If I can be of any help with the development of a website or if you require any information about the Whanau Show website, please do not hesitate to contact me.
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The following website's are what I am also involved with and are important to me. I ask that you check them out to see how they can help you. Your support would be greatly appreciated.
Fight Against P
Fight Against P. Are You concerned about the future of your country, your children and grandchildren? We are. Our Goal is to Educate the Public about the Dangers of Methamphetamine and Offer Support/Help to Families of Users. Join us by supporting the fight against the epidemic of Methamphetamine. Click here to find out more. Warning: This site contains very graphic images.
The Guardian Angel
The Guardian Angel. This is My Inspirational and Motivational Website. Do you have a Guardian Angel? Many believe that these supernatural beings watch over us and can also come to our spiritual and even physical aid in times of great need. Click here to find out more.
Falcon Creations
Falcon Creations. For cost effective Websites that will suit your budget. Whether it’s Database driven or a static website, we have the solution for you. Falcon Creations is my testing website for projects. Falcon Creations Website.
Alex Walker
Alex Walker. For cost effective Websites that will suit your budget. We have the solution for you. My speciality is in Graphic Design and Website Development delivering high quality web design and development to a wide range of clients throughout New Zealand and offshore. Alex Walker Website.

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