Whitebait Omelette
Whitebait Omelette Recipe
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2 tbs of NZ whitebait per person
Flaky salt, fresh ground pepper
1 tbs water
½ mild red chilli, diced. Optional.
3 free range eggs Rice bran oil


1. Scramble the eggs and 1 tbs cold water together
2. Carefully add whitebait into the mix
3. Heat rice bran oil in cast iron/heavy pan, coating the sides well with the oil. When hot pour in the mixture.4. Using a non metal egg spatula, work the mixture gently to the back of the pan allowing the runny mixture to seep to the front then gently push it back and repeat until the egg has almost cooked.
5. Sprinkle chilli over the dish. Serve as is or flip half the mixture over the other half and turn onto a plate. Season to taste.
Note: Accompany with organic leaves, dressed with a squeeze of lime juice and your favourite extra virgin olive oil. Enjoy!

Recipe couresty of Kaitime.

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