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Eva Puha 2012-08
awsum show whanau, ka pai to you and Hine Lindsay,im really ole school music and country so i love listening every Friday and Sunday nights, well doe.

Eva Puha 2012-08
really enjoy listening to the show friday and sunday nights, if i cant be by my radio i put my earphones in my cellphone and listen, im real ole school so really love your music

Patsy & Paora 2012-08
Nga mihi kia kourua Lindsay,
Unable to get you on Tautoko tonite, could be due to all this bad weather wer'e all experiencing thru out Aotearoa.
We are still pushing for the Iwi Whanau Show to come back up this way and have been busy. Hopefully Taitokerau will be on the list for 2014? Hehe. Here's hoping anyway. Perhaps late 2014?
Love to both you and Hine from us both.

Horiana Taueki 2012-08
I had made many dedications for my nanny and she loved each and every one of the songs.So Thank you for that may god bless you forever.
Matua Tama Wairua Tapu me Nga Anahera Pono me Te Mangai Ae

Horiana Taueki 2012-08
kia ora koutou. My Name is Horiana Taueki, my Nanny's name is Rose Lewis, and I come from Moteo down here in Napier. My nanny has recently passed away (07.07.2012) and she always tuned into the whanau show on Friday's and Sunday's for as long as it had been running and before that it was the papa ruru show at midnight.Furthermore i just wanted to say a big thank you to you all in the studio for all the lovely waiata that kept our nanny company at night while listening to your show.

Wayna Burke 2012-07
I understand my Mother (Winnie Roberts - Wairoa) and the Tuahine whanau are a big fans of your show (a bit difficult to get in Coventry UK) but congratulations on being providing such entertaining and enjoyment to all my whanau over there.

EDWARD Nicholson 2012-07
Kia Ora The Whanau Show. I am Edward Nicholson, The Youngest Brother of Bob and Laura Nicholson, I live in Sydney, work in WA, and once Bob got me onto your show I try to get on when ever I can. I love the music. And to be able to request songs for the whanau in Oz and NZ.Kia Ora Kautau

Gale Poharama 2012-07
Kia ora Lindsay and Hine Thank you for a great show.Enjoy listening to the music and the talk.God bless you both.

Margaret Kapene 2012-07
Hey Freddie and the whanau of Turanga FM!Love listening in online from the GC, especially when I get a bit mokemoke for home!!! Thanks for the dedications.. cheers Margie

Trudy 2012-07
I watched Tom and Jude's vid of Harry, so damn heart-wrenching, what a lovely fulla Harry must be! May the universe bless you Harry!I wish that I'd gotten my dad into this, he passed away Sept 19th 2009. Dammit. He was so lonely and needed to be involved, sigh, keep up the good work Lindsay X

Gordon Ormond 2012-07
ki ora Whanau show I'm a first time listener my Aunty Marie always talking about the Whanau show on Facebook so i got online and wow!feels like Aotearoa is in our lounge room thank you Lindsay & Hine.
Gordon Ormond & Whanau. Ballarat Victoria OZ

Gordon Ormond 2012-07
ki ora whanau show I'm a first time listener, my aunty always on facebook talking about the whanau show so i got online to listen and love it, thank you aunty Marie Tuahine. Gordon Ormond Ballarat Victoria oz........ ps full time listener now ....

margie 2012-07
hi im trying to find a song my mum listened too on the whanau show all the time im sure its calle find a plae id like to know who sings it thanks you

Stanley Bishop 2012-06
My dad is Stanley Bishop and loves the show. He does not have to leave the comfort of his own home and is a big fan. My mother, Rangipuhia and I will be attending the Whanau Show in September.
Nga mihi nui

Alan and Val Campbel 2012-06
Hi Lindsay,we would like to say a BIG thankyou to everyone involved in the Whanau show. We thoroughly enjoyed every momerable moment in Taradale.We listened to the dedications Sunday night whilst driving back to Whangaparaoa.A very special thankyou to Dennis August.A wonderful man who makes wonderful music. So pleased Mana and Murray(my brother)invited us to join them for the weekend. Val,Alan Campbell

Georgina Wharepapa 2012-06
Congratulations and cheers to The Whanau Show on your 17th birthday. Great achievement and may you enjoy many more more years On Air.

Geoff Ratahi 2012-05
Just been introduced to the Whanau Show by my cousin Thomas Ratahi - having a nohi.

carol / Paekakariki 2012-05
Enjoyed the show tonight 11/5/2012 (missed you though)Music was really great the golden oldies brought back memories for us good nannies haha Hope you both have /had a lovely weekend with your whanau whanui

nick 2012-05
nice show mate

mack clarke 2012-05
hi lindsay..
firsttime dedicator..a magic show lindsay..just magic..ave bought online and listening to you via radio a number of friends and whanau around the motu..and many many thanks from many of those who cannot say thanks fore they have left this wreched world

Noelene Reti 2012-05-04 23:08 Kia Ora What an orsome place beautiful music and cool sounds.
Na Noelene

Aroha Thompson 2012-04
So hard to get through on the phone - thank goodness for this medium. I look forward to seeing you June 23rd -2012 Taradale RSA
Aroha Thompson - Hastings

Celia 2012-04
Hi Lindsay, I haven't heard you for so long. Now I can finally listen to the whanau show online. I love your show and will be listening all the time now. Take care.

Queenie Cooke 2012-04
Love the show --listen most nights-Have been to shows in Wanganui,Turang i and Gisborne --- great nights -- met some lovely people, Thank you Lindsay and Hine

ruth ramea 2012-04-13 20:07
thank you it is such a fantastic show i listen every friday and sunday and facebook my whanau to listen as well xxxx

ruth ramea 2012-04-13 20:00
thank you love listening every friday and sunday and i facebook my whanau in perth every week to remind them that the show is now on beautiful music thank you xxxx

Aroha Thompson 2012-04-08 21:48
Lindsay - Your show is a link to loved ones both present and past for me. To here those melodious voices calling in on the telephone reconnects me to nannies at the card tables and koro's telling their tales of woe (with waipiro in hand) - Love it...

Irene 2012-04-06 20:56
What I great show. Always listen on a Sunday when in Taupo. Finally googled and here I am on A friday at home and found the station. Fantastic show.

Ngarangi & Lin 2012-03-25 22:59
Tena Korua, Lindsay & Hine.We switch on here every Sunday to listen to the whanau show from our home here in Fushun, Liaoning Province in China, A great show. Mihi nui tenei ki nga whanau katoa i tena houkainga o tatau. My chinese wife & greet you all.???

Glenis king 2012-03-25 20:54
To Lindsay & Hine, thank you for such a fantastic show, love to you all

ruth ramea 2012-03-25 07:00
this is a fantastic show to listen to on a friday and sunday nite thank you

Pearl & Dave Robson 2012-03-18 22:13
Enjoyed whanau show in Pukekohe for first time. We listen in every weekend - But whats Radio Watea doing - a lot of whanau will be missing out. Nga mihi atu ki a koutou katoa.

Koko 2012-03-18 18:53
Many many Thanks Really Really GREAT Show, Was a real pleasure working with the Maori Wardens at your show in Pukekohe, and Sister Cheryl Loved every minute of it.

Gaylene Brennan 2012-03-12 15:26
All the best for the awards. Its a done deal as far as im concerned. xxxxxx

Bert & Angel Hura 2012-03-11 20:24
Sending our best wishes and good luck for the radio awards – GO WHANAU SHOW!!!!Lots of loveBert & Angel Hura and the entire Hura whanau xxxx

Teia McCullough 2012-03-11 19:50
Hi Lindsay and Hine,Thanks so much for your show, all these years overseas and not knowing you were on the air what I have missed, but not anymore. Arohanui Teia

Eileen 2012-03-10 05:25
Found out about this site on facebook and i'm glad i did. Ngapuhi te iwi Ngatihine te hapu

Angelia Hura 2012-03-07 21:10
Hello Always have fun at the shows with my grandparents (Bert & Angel). Good comic relief. Thanks for an awesome weekend in Pukekohe. Proud of you Dad, your the best xxx

Koha Daniels 2012-03-04 22:10
what a beautiful show i love listening to your show all the way from australia it makes me miss my nanny sally me and her used to always listen on a sunday, all the best lindsay and hine

larion august 2012-03-04 21:20
just want to express how much i enjoyd mai time wit all the whanau love it always wit the beautiful nannys lol.and all the uncles and aunties and much love too mai dad Dennis August xoxox.and a personal shout out to mai beautiful sis Debbie Joe whom ive known a long time and grown close with chur much and much regards L August.

Pauline 2012-03-04 20:21
What a wonderful Whanau Show event indeed,1st time I heard of the show and attend as a maori warden we enjoyed the 3 days,a few of us are thinking of going down out of uniform :lol:,a BIG shout out acknowledgement to all those who made the whole weekend a spectacular success! Mwah!

wayne kirk 2012-03-04 18:54
Hi there guys...just hooked up on the net...awsome show guys...i live here in brissy...will be listenin every w/end now...keep up the good work..cheers..wayne

Marcia Hennings 2012-03-04 15:19
Kia ora , hope your weekend in Akl went well & you all had a great time :) Listening in now... had Moana Pacifica sports tournament yesterday in Perth so we missed tuning in yesterday hope 2 hear more & more of you soon

kathy 2012-03-02 20:49
Lindsay and Hine i love the the show very much. the music tonight is so awesome keep it up.

jacqui 2012-02-02 19:26
good stuff , great stuff for great people, by great people, in a great little nation...

VIVIENNE GRAHAM 2012-01-23 23:06
Congratulations on your 800th programme. A great acheivement to every one involved and for making it a family show part of our Friday and Sunday nights.

gail and mum carol 2012-01-20 20:08
Hi Lindsay and Hine,Happy New Year to you and your whanau.Mum and I love to hear the show,keep up the good work.Any chance of doing a show in Blenheim one day?????????.Hey Lindsay Im Gail from the good old days at Hannahs.

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