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Kia Ora Lindsay love the show, First started listening to the show when I moved to Kalgoorlie in 2011 and have been a follower ever since, I have told heaps of Kiwi's that I have met to tune into your show thru their laptops. I love the show thank you so much dosen't make being away from family so bad when we can tune into the whanau show.

Teenie 2012-12
Kia ora cuzzy Lindsay..Still and will always love the show, wish it was every night. I hang out till Friday and Sunday to tune in, me and cuzzy Keith pedalling down the south island highway chillin out to the whanau show. Thank you for playing our requests and we enjoy listening to everyone elses requests. Lots a luv from us ducks out there...barrrrp barrrrp

carolynhenare 2012-12
love the music every Friday eva puha goes to housie she got her head phones in 1 ear and the housie caller in the other how she does it I don't no how still can go house must b very dedicated to you show multi task

Stuart Rata 2012-12
Kia ora koutou awesome music. Stu

Judith Mckenna 2012-12
Love ur show,listen to it till u finish. love the music u play Thanks 4 the dedication u played tonight.

Angela Werahiko 2012-12
Tena Koe Lindsay, Hine. Have loved listening tonight (16/12) now I can get the station on Google.However I would like to get an address from you to forward photo's (heaps) of Mums from the days of the Ruru Club etc, only if you wish to have them or anyone else.Kia OraWish you and the whanau a Safe Xmas and a prosperous New Year. Godbless

Missy Werahiko 2012-12
Tena Koe Lindsay,Hine. How are you both?
Missy Werahiko hea, My husband Peter Werahiko listens to your show hard out on his truck while working. Having said that he's been listening to your show tonight (16/12)and has text me to inform you the song "Indian Love Call" is actually all played by him and not his cousin Rangi Phillips. I hope this doesn't put a damper on things.
Kia ora ra Missy

Cilla 2012-12
Kia Ora Lindset this is the best radio show ever i am so glad we tuned into you alot of the old songs died when my dad passed away almost 20 years ago but since listening to your show it brought back all those memories of my dad and his band all my whanau that have passed on since then too love you show with all my heart. Merry Christmas to you and your whanau lindsey. Be looking forwasr to hearing you through the holidays.

Koha Daniels 2012-11
Hi Lindsay,Hines and Crew just want to say love you show and alwAys will you know I think you guys should do CDs it would be great I would pay for them cause the music u play u can't get in the shops and I just love it

Nan OLD 2012-11
Kia Ora Lindsay, Will be @ the venue 2013 when you visit Melbourne. Long time no see, since ACT hui. Mauri Ora

TIMI TAWA 2012-11
thank you so much i really apreaceate the song you played for me on the show

Kaa Kereru & Robert 2012-11
Kia ora Lindsay & Hine Thankyou for the awsome show you & the rest of the whanau have put on for everyone around the Motu. Especially for us here in Oz sydney. My Tane & I always look forward to your show Fridays & sunday's. Sometime's we have our Moko's here. We have one of our Moko Savaanah who love's her Maori & love's kapahaka. even at the age of two we speak Maori to her. Too good for a Scottish Ozzie Maori. So to you & the whanau Arohamai. Godbless to you all.

Sue thomas 2012-11
Would like to thank you for all music you give us .love love love the Whanau Show it the best.

Ma Iasona & families 2012-10
Kia Orana tried to do a dedication, but couldn't put letters etc, so put on here hopefully I get to here my dedication for our loved ones, My husband Jason 6 yrs, Mum & Dad Torea, Mum & Dad Daniels, Daniels anau, Turia anau, Kata anau, Rota anau, Turu anau, Tereu anau, Ngaputa anau, Mama widow, our children, nieces, nephews, mokoz, untz, uncles, brothers and sisters, the many who we acknowledge, May God be with you all until we meet again

Tawhai 2012-09
Living in Sydney and since finding this on the net, I wont listen to anything else loving this station awesum...I feel like I'm at home

Sylvia Rutene 2012-09
Golly Lindsay your certainly missed when your not on air. We get used to hearing you on Friday and Sunday nights. Makes me feel Aroha for home when listening to the show. Nevermind all good Love to you and Hine and all the Whanau in Gizzy. From Slvia

sue wilson 2012-09
First time i have tuned into this station and am having to go through the computer as i am unable to find it on my stereo. So love the music and the love that goes out to all and the dedication you all put into the families

Teenie 2012-09
Tuned into the whanau show for the first time tonight. Neva knew the show existed until our cuzzy keith told all of us truck drivers in the sth island about the whanau show. We all tuned in and enjoyed it. Will be listening to you from now on :)

Samantha-Jane 2012-08
hi my name is samantha and i love ur show and i am only 11. My whole family likes ur show but i would like to dedicate a song to my uncle sam because it was his birthday on the 31,8,12 and the song is to hearts tangled in love please and thanxx

Karroll Pere 2012-08
Kia ora whanau!! Love this station.. Love that i can ring up and request to listen to my Papa (Ariel Paul Pere).. I thank yous very much for givin me and my whanau just that little touch of our daddy! Much love out to all my family and i love yous all very much! take care! Kazz

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