About Us
The whanau Shows first broadcast was on the 6th June 1995 at the studios of Te Upoko te ika in Lambton Quay in Wellington.
My entire music collection was 6 CD's and after one month playing the same music over and over again I don't think I had any listeners at all. But I was happy to be on radio especially on Maori Radio and I must admit my Reo at that particular time was very Minimal.
As time went on I grew in confidence, in music and in Listeners and went to various Reo classes.
My first outside broadcast was in late 1997 at the studios of Turanga FM in Gisborne. I am now based at our Iwi Station here in Gisborne, Turanga FM and over the years I have broadcast from nine Iwi stations.
The Whanau Show is about you, the people irrespective of race, creed or colour.
Photo of Lindsay and Hine from the Whanau Show
Photo of Lindsay and Hine from the Whanau Show in the studio
The Whanau Show on concert
The Whanau Show logo broadcasting from Turanga FM

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